Westpac Office, Newlands
Written by Steven Young   
Tuesday, 13 March 2012
Westpac office 1Westpac office 2
Project Name Westpac Newlands
Project address Hurring Place/Newlands Road
    Newlands, Wellington
Client name Any Curran
Contractor Geoff Carr Builders Ltd
Architectural design SYAL implemented a sketch design by others
Engineer Steven Young & Associates Ltd
Our role Principal Consultant
Description of project Three large units of office/warehousing to a repeated module
  Type Office/warehouse/workshop
  Size 4000 sq m
  Value $1.5M
  Date/ c 1988 at the end of the property boom
  Construction period  
Design features Conventional steel portal frames at the rear
    Two-storey concrete stucture at the front - clad with polystyrene spandrels
Special features Polystyrene spandrels has proved durable for more 25 years.
Management  Design build
Special requirements Foundations on site partly rock, partly compacted fill.
Our special input High-speed design build process
What we learned Speculative developments have little demand when markets collapse
What would we improve Stud height of 5.2m too low for modern use.
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